What To Wear To A Funeral

What To Wear To A Funeral

Attending a funeral doesn't mean you can't still look your best. Dressing well for a funeral is a sign of respect and reverence to the person who has passed. Knowing what to wear to a funeral might not be something you think too much about, but the truth is that funeral etiquette dictates the expectations regarding what you choose to wear. Understanding that, and then creating a look that allows you to stand out and pay your respects is a skill that will serve you well. 

Deciding What to Wear to a Funeral

Before you start going through your closet, there are some funeral attire "rules" to consider when you select an outfit. Traditionally, black is the color of mourning, particularly if you are a close friend or relative of the deceased. Other dark colors are also an acceptable choice and could be deep plum, navy blue, or charcoal gray. 

Conservative clothing is a good bet when attending a funeral, but that doesn't mean you can't dress to impress. Funeral attire for women is generally a skirt or dress, but fitted dress pants are another option. The trick is to look well put together, even if you are going to get some attention for your look. 

Plus-sized black dresses for a funeral, black dresses with white trim, short dresses, long dresses, dresses that have a lot of detail, and simple dresses - there's definitely an option for everyone. Use the following tips and tricks to ensure that you look and feel your best at a funeral, while also paying it the veneration it deserves.

black lace cocktail dress

Lace Cocktail Dress

A funeral isn't the time to dress down so you want to avoid sundresses, even if they are black. A black lace cocktail dress is the perfect blend of somber and dressy. Whether long or short, the lace adds a touch of glamour to the dress and allows you to stand out. 

Be sure that you properly style your lace dress so that it stays conservative. If the dress has short sleeves or is low cut, consider adding a sweater to make it a bit more modest. You might also wear a wrap or scarf to keep it understated enough to suit the occasion. 


Rosette Flower

Rosette Flower Dress

Flowers abound at funerals so it makes sense that a floral dress makes for a great choice. There are so many gorgeous dresses to choose from, including those that are made from floral-print material and those that have large flower details added. 

Because florals can sometimes be larger, consider keeping the other details of your outfit to a minimum. For example, wear simple flat shoes or a plain colored sweater to complete the look without going over the top. 

Wine Red Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress

You can't go wrong with a maxi dress for a funeral. Because they are typically ankle-length, the dress is conservative and can be dressed up for the occasion. Add a jacket or blazer, along with some understated jewelry or top it with a sweater and pair it with heels. Remember, while a black dress is the most common funeral attire for women, a wine red maxi dress, or one in a navy blue or emerald green shade also works. 


Olive Maxi Dress

Olive Maxi Dress

If you are interested in wearing something colorful that blends in well with a group but is distinguished, olive is a great choice. It lends it self to being a conservative dress that can also be casually worn as you complete your daily routine or leisure. The great thing about our inventory is our versatility in usage as opposed to wearing something only once. The olive maxi dress is always a great choice. 


white dress funeralall white blazer dress for funeral


Looking For A White Dress For A Funeral?

We didn't want to exclude the ladies looking for a white dress, we have several options for you. We have a white lace midi dress that is appealing and conservative and we have a white blazer dress that is has a lot of sex appeal and versatility to be worn as a brunch dress. Don't be ashamed to wear a white dress to a funeral, nobody is paying attention and will care about what your are wearing. If it looks great, it is great, its that simple. In this day and age, traditions from the 60's and 70's are dead. Right now, people are most influence by millennial fashion trends so sticking to black at a funeral is no longer a social norm, its optional.

Suit or Blazer with Pants

Now that we've covered your dress options, you might want to consider something else. Perhaps you don't love the way you look in a dress or maybe you don't have the time to shop for something appropriate for a funeral. 

A black or charcoal gray suit is a stunning choice for wearing to a funeral, but you can also pair dark-colored dress pants with a blazer over a blouse or cami. This ensemble is understated enough to be respectful for a funeral, but also stylish enough to let you stand out a bit if that's what you want to do. 

plus size black dress for funeral


Plus Size Black Dress For Funeral

If you are looking for what to wear for a funeral and you have a curvy figure, we have a plethora of of dress options that can be worn to a funeral but can also double down and be equally considered a plus size cocktail dress for formal events. We are all about designing fashionable women's for women of all sizes that highlights and complements your body. 


macy's Women shoes

Macy's Women's Shoes

A funeral probably isn't the best occasion for wearing sky high stilettos. Likewise, sneakers are too casual for the event. Stick with flats or low heels, both of which pair well with either a dress or a pantsuit or even jeans if you are going casual. 

If you are going to get some new shoes for a funeral, think twice about shopping at large retailers for shoes. Macy's women's shoes are great doing get us wrong, but we have some amazing alternatives. We have a great variety of women's shoes that will pair nicely with what you'll wear to a funeral, while being fashionably flexible for a variety of occasions. 


Jewelry for a Funeral

In keeping with etiquette rules, the jewelry you wear to a funeral should be conservative and not blingy or showy. Of course, there's nothing wrong with wearing a statement piece, but refrain from neon colors, huge brightly colored jewels and other attributes that are too playful.

Pearls are a great choice, whether in a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Simple silver or gold chains, bangles, or earrings are other fashionable choices that will make your outfit. 

elegant black dress for funeral

Tips for Dressing for a Funeral 

Many experts suggest dressing for a funeral as if you're going to an important business meeting. Beyond that, it's important to consider the venue, weather, and culture as you choose your outfit. 

For example, an outdoor spring funeral may require a sweater or blazer, while a graveside summer service means short sleeves and cooler materials. Likewise, a casual beach service means you can dress down a bit more than a large, traditional funeral inside a church. 

The deceased culture should also play a role. If modesty is important, keep that in mind and avoid low necklines or short hems when you select a dress. Remember, you can never go wrong with our collection of elegant black dress for funeral but they also serve well for formal events. 

Many of these options are an investment that you can wear for other events, such as a night out on the town. If you need more advice on what to wear or how to dress for a funeral, visit our entire inventory for more inspiration. 

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