How To Dress For A Funeral: Simple, Conservative and Fashionable Clothing

How To Dress For A Funeral: Simple, Conservative and Fashionable Clothing

It can be difficult to find clothing that is both conservative and sexy, but not impossible. There are three different types of clothes that people wear to funerals - simple, fashionable, or trendy. The first type is the most appropriate for a funeral because it's more about how you act than how you look. For this reason, we'll focus on how to dress in the other two categories so you can show your loved one how much they meant to you while also looking chic!


When in a situation where you want to look sexy, but not too casual for a funeral, black is the way to go. You can't go wrong wearing Black to a funeral, black dresses that are simple and sleek while still being edgy which shows how stylish you are without trying too hard. You can dress up your outfit with gold accessories like jewelry or heels if desired since they will complement this color well.


For your shoes, you'll want to go with either classic black pumps or boots since they are more formal than other types of footwear.

A great outfit for a funeral is skinny jeans paired with a blouse and high heels which makes them ideal if you're looking for how to dress respectful and fashionable, while still being conservative at the same time!


blue ruffle top


If you going casual and conservative, we recommend our blue ruffle top pair with jeans and a black shoe.

It is important to remember how a person lived their life when dressing for a funeral. A great outfit can be jeans and top that is paired with boots if it's how the deceased preferred to dress instead of trying too hard by wearing something you would only wear only once in a lifetime.  You can dress simple, conservative, and  be sexy when attending a funeral, you can look great while you honoring the person who has passed away. 


Dressing For A Conservative Funeral

Women wear a variety of attire to funerals, depending on the culture and religion they follow. For instance, in some Asian countries, it is still very traditional for women not only to cover their hair with headgear but also dress entirely modestly; this includes wearing dark colors that do not show too much skin or white clothing as symbolizing purity after death has occurred.


Is It Proper To Wear White To A Funeral?

It's absolutely okay to wear white to a funeral. In today's world, strong societal influences on individuality and expression are waning. Hard and fast rules that dictate what you can and cannot wear just don't matter to people as much as they used to when we lived with our parents and grandparents. Think about it, when you attend a funeral, the focal point is not on the attendees whatsoever. The color of your clothing and what you have on is one of the last things on anyone's mind in a time of mourning. What people remember most in these situations is that you were there to provide support in their time of need. Nothing else really matters.


Common sense will tell you to not be a distraction with what you are wearing and how you behave. With that being said, if you are looking for a white dress for a funeral, we have a multitude of options that work well if you plan to dress down, conservative but and not so "traditional."


white midi dress


 A white midi dress fits well for a wedding during the day but is also perfect for how to dress conservatively at a funeral. Pair with boots or sandals and you'll look great while supporting the family that's grieving over their loss.


Can You Wear Lace To A Funeral?

Lace is a classic that has been around for centuries and will continue to be worn by women who want how to dress sexy but do not want people to look at them like they are trying too hard. One good thing about wearing lace, it looks great with just about anything you pair it with!


black lace cocktail dress


If you're going casual and conservative, we recommend our black lace cocktail dress.

One of the most flattering ways how to dress for any funeral is wearing a lace dress, paired with heels if they are how you would normally wear your clothes on an everyday basis. Not only does it show respect but also how sexy you can be while being conservative!


What Do You Wear To A Funeral?

While how you dress is up to your discretion, there are a few guidelines that we recommend. If the funeral service will be held in a church or other religious facility and it is one of their most important days (which happens more often than not), then follow what they say for how women should dress at these places. This means covering all skin, including arms, shoulders, and legs. Also, don't wear anything too short or revealing because you will offend the other attendees' sensibilities if how they believe how women should dress in a place of worship is being violated by what you are wearing.


If this isn't an issue for whatever reason then just be respectful with how you are dressed when attending a funeral.


Tori Look Book


Wear what is simple and conservative, meaning colors like black or navy blue are your best bets. If you want to wear a dress, then make sure it comes all the way down to your knees to lessen the likelihood of being a distraction. We have a whole assortment of brunch dresses that are versatile enough to be worn for funerals but can later be worn on a variety of occasions. A navy blue dress for a funeral would be a great choice because it's conservative, fashionable with sex appeal. A waist belted dress is a perfect example that works well for attending a casual or conservative environment.


navy blue dress for a funeral


On that same note, how to dress at a funeral for women is not about how you would like to look; it's about how the family and other guests feel. These days, we see more people are moving away from traditional, antiquated customers in favor of a liberating approach that is carefree and anxiety-free. Wear what makes you comfortable. Clothing that is respectable is permissible, so your options are plentiful.


Do You Have to Wear Black To A Funeral?

You don't have to wear black to a funeral, but if you do choose a black dress, you can't go wrong. Black is the typical color worn at funerals but it's not the "only" color that is socially acceptable. Consider a rosette flower dress as an option that helps you fit in with the traditional black attire worn at funerals but also stands out because of its unique design.


rosette flower


If you'd like to look at a greater repertoire of elegant black dresses that can be worn for a funeral and formal events, visit our blog article "what to wear to a funeral" for more inspiration and ideas on what is the best dress to wear to a funeral.


Details To Remember For Funeral Attire

When attending a funeral, always remember how much respect matters more than anything else when dressing to mourn someone special who has died.

When attending a funeral, how you dress is not as important as how well you show your support for the family and friends of the deceased person in question by coming to their service and paying your respects.

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